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Aurora Sterling Silver Ring
Aurora Sterling Silver Ring
Aurora Sterling Silver Ring - Palace Rings
Aurora Sterling Silver Ring Aurora Sterling Silver Ring - Palace Rings

Aurora Sterling Silver Ring

$33.60 $56.00

  • Inspired by once upon dreams and sleeping beauties. This shimmering diamond is no sleeper. The beautiful promise ring sparkles to fit right on your finger.  The Aurora Ring is a modern romantic ring for a modern romantic woman.

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  • It is always better to get your size correctly the first time around. Not only do we want you to love your ring upon arrival, but we also want to ensure that it fits you perfectly. So if you do not know your ring size already we will be happy to help you out with that.
    Or you may visit any local jewelry store to find out your correct size. Don’t worry, they are used to providing this service so don't be shy about going in and asking.
  • Will my ring turn my finger green/tarnish? Please keep in mind that different skin types have different reactions to jewelry and its components. Our rings are plated jewelry. Plated simply means that the jewelry is usually 40-60% silver or gold / coated. We advise that you don't wear it every day as excessive wear can cause the coating to eventually thin and can possibly become damaged. We strongly advise that you remove any plated rings before using hand wash as it can react with the central metal. Plated jewelry should only be worn on occasion. It will not tarnish for a very long time if you take care of it properly. Please try not to get your jewelry wet (do not wear it to the gym or shower/swim with it)

    How can I make my jewelry last longer? Try to keep your rings away from substances like oil, sweat, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, lotion, and perfume. Gently clean your rings with a pink polishing cloth, rubbing the surface after every use. This will help restore and keep its shine. To avoid scratches, keep it in a ring box.

    What if I don't know my ring size? Honestly, the best way to find out your correct size is to go to your local jewelry store and find out. They provide this service for free! Otherwise, we have a size chart click here. We recommend knowing your size before buying our rings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
This ring omg!

It’s so pretty and the way it is in the light is even better


Nice ring

Soooo perfect

This ring is gorgeous! Love it

Very Nice

Sometimes I’m leery of purchasing jewelry online because I think the quality of the pictures have been embellished. But I LOVE the Aurora ring!! It’s definitely as beautiful as it looks in the picture.


Absolutely love it