Production, design, and inventory

Do we drop ship? The answer is no we do not. We have an inventory full of products. The good thing about us NOT drop shipping is we can ship out our products from our warehouse pretty quickly to you. Don't worry about waiting! Here's another secret that is interesting... Palace Rings does not own the pictures we have, but we have a photographer who takes them and gave us permission to use. We have people who will steal the pictures we post, edit out the watermark and post them on their store or account claiming it's theirs. It's pretty annoying. Thankfully, that gets taken care of because of copyright. So about 99.9% of the time we design our rings listed on this website. They are custom designs and take longer in production to actually make. Many of our customers were super patient with us while we were making our birthstone rings. We tried our best to come out with each ring one by one to make sure everything was perfect. Also, we don't come out with a large inventory because we aren't sure if our customers will like our products at first. We hope they do! But we always test it out to see what our customers are feeling. This is just something we wanted to share with you and hope you will like our products, and we thank you for taking an interest in Palace Rings.
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