How and when did you get the idea of Palace Rings?
I first started Palace Rings (used to be called Expensive Flavor) July 2015. I found a very adorable piece which I called it the Queen's Crown ring. It's a two-piece set, which came with a silver crown ring and a simple band of gemstones all around, seeing them together was beautiful. This was the first time I saw one of these, I thought it was pretty cool, then decided to put it up for sale online!

What motivates you?
Really easy question, but what motivates me to do what I’m doing is seeing my customers reactions when they receive their products. Having them write reviews on them, and especially they're over-excited posts. All of that really does motivate me and that is why I continue adding new products, changing stuff and doing what they tell me to do. I listen to them all :) 

How do you market your business?
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. The biggest part of it is definitely social media. It spreads like crazy on Twitter and Instagram, people love how I connect with each customer, do giveaways, and see our beautiful product photos. Everyone loves a fresh new product - the key to it is brand really well, be original and come out with new things that people will love!