• Classic Halo Ring

    Classic Halo Ring

    You can feel good knowing that human life was not sacrificed to make your jewelry. Our stones are cut and faceted to the highest quality standards to achieve maximum brilliance. The eye-catching sparkle of this piece is absolutely breathtaking!

    $24.00 $48.00 On Sale
  • Crisscross Ring

    Crisscross Ring

    $14.00 $18.00 On Sale
  • Double Infinity Ring

    Double Infinity Ring

    $14.00 $18.00 On Sale
  • Flower Ring

    Flower Ring

    If it isn't spring that you see when you see this lovely piece of jewelry, then I don't know what.

    $21.00 $31.00 On Sale
  • Foxy Ring

    Foxy Ring

    What does the fox say? "Finally! A ring that matches the compliments I get." This ring is exclusively to those who are as fierce as they are fabulous. And who doesn't want an adorable fox upon their finger? The world's top Austrian Crystal.  Plate: Real 18k Rose Gold Plated, does not fade. Stone: Genuine SWA Element Austrian Crystal.  Other: Nickel and led free. Tags: Rose gold

    $15.50 $18.50 On Sale
  • Lady Gold Crown Ring

    Lady Gold Crown Ring

    Every lady deserves a day in her beautifully landscaped garden. Ladies are like roses—beautiful but don't get too close or you might get pricked by the thorns!Material: 18K real gold Plated Size: 8 only

    $22.00 $32.00 On Sale
  • Lady Rose Crown Ring

    Lady Rose Crown Ring

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A soft, yet feminine side of being a lady, this ring is perfect if you want to cling with your best girl friends. Together, you can both be ladies of the kingdom. Material: Rose gold plated Tags: rose gold princess ring, rose gold

    $22.00 $32.00 On Sale
  • Multistone Ring

    Multistone Ring

    $21.00 $31.00 On Sale
  • Night Out Ring

    Night Out Ring

    Shown in black and rose goldNickel Free18k Rose Gold PlatedAustralian SWA Stellux CZ Diamond & AcrylicComes with a purple royal bag

    $14.50 $19.50 On Sale
  • Purple Tourmaline Ring

    Purple Tourmaline Ring

    Material: AAA Zircon Metal type: White gold plated Stone cut: Heart & arrow Metal: Copper Ring sizes: 6, 7, 8Gender: Women Style: Vintage

    $25.00 $45.00 On Sale
  • Romantic Forever Love Ring

    Romantic Forever Love Ring

    $22.00 $32.00 On Sale
  • Snowflake Ring

    Snowflake Ring

    PRODUCT: So fun this snowflake ring is truly a sparkler, featuring a brilliant 0.5 carat man made center diamond, surrounding by 8 round smaller stones, and then another 8 smaller sized stones. This ring will truly dazzle as these are the highest quality man made diamonds available with the same brilliance as a natural mined diamond. They emit every shade of light that a natural diamond would but look so much nicer than a mined diamond because of their excellent cut, color and clarity. The diamonds have a hardness comparable to sapphire or ruby, measuring an impressive 8.6-9 Mohs on the sca...

    $24.00 $72.00 On Sale
  • Sophisticated Multiline Ring

    Sophisticated Multiline Ring

    Adjustable size.

    $24.00 $34.00 On Sale
  • Sugar & Spice Ring

    Sugar & Spice Ring

    $22.00 $32.00 On Sale
  • The Princess' Crown

    The Princess' Crown

    Product And just when you thought the gold was the fairest of them all. The silver edition is just as royal, but something about it makes it feel more classy. Could it be the drastic change of metal shade or the princess that was just spotted with this new version? Info: Material: Silver plated, 925 Sterling Silver Stamped, CZ diamond. Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Complimentary: Each item comes with 1 free ring box. Tags: princess rings, crown, princess 

    $17.00 $22.00 On Sale
  • The Princess' Gold Crown

    The Princess' Gold Crown

    Product Description: Still standing strong. Still staying original, yet top notch. Every princess will feel no wrath, but almost like a queen. Confident, yet bold, every princess will feel like the one true ruler. Material: 18k real gold plated  Size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11  Tags: Crown, princess rings

    $22.00 $32.00 On Sale