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We asked you guys to ask some questions on our Instagram that you are dying to find out! Read on to know if we answered them. 😊

What’s your favorite item you sold?

Good question! My favorite ring changes all the time. First, it was the Aurora Ring, then it was the Pretty Princess Ring, then it was 7 Rings. But right now, I’d have to say my favorite item would have to be our new silver Pink Butterfly Ring! It’s gorgeous + adjustable so anyone can wear it. I actually love wearing it out because it’s so big and sparkly and fun! And pink is my favorite color. It’s also so cool seeing you guys wear it too! Click here to view our pink butterfly ring.

Do you guys plan on coming out with rings for men?

Of course, we love our Kings too! At the moment, we have two King crown rings out right now. We would love to come out with more men's rings. Most of our market is girls though. Click here to view our men's rings.

Will you ever make more earrings or make necklaces? They would be very cute.

I know! You are so right! Click here to view all of our earrings. We just came out with matching sets & we would love to come out with more soon! Here's what we have so far:

Butterfly baby collection

Butterfly collection

Aurora collection

$poiled collection

However, I don’t think we are going to come out necklaces, sorry loves! 

When will you be restocking the alphabet rings?! P.S. Your rings are super gorgeous.

Thank you soo much! That means a lot. Since the alphabet rings are on sale we won't be continuing them anymore. We are so sorry! They weren't for us and you guys weren't too crazy over them either. There are some left available, get one while you can here

7 Rings Restock?

So many of you are wanting to know this! We are going to try to restock it in September/October 2020! Thank you for being so patient. Stay following us on our socials and we will announce the restock date once we find out. We can't wait for you guys to get one for yourself and your friends, click here to check them out!

Thank you so much for asking us these questions about our products! We loved answering them and hope that you liked reading this post. If you would like to follow us on our Instagram for another Q+A session, it's @palacerings.

Before you go, I wanna know what's your favorite ring?

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