Queen (n): a woman who knows her worth and acknowledges her power.

1. Treat yourself the way you'd like to be treated

If you want people to look at you and see a young, beautiful, strong, independent woman, then see yourself that way and act accordingly. You won't be called a queen until you show them that you are.

2. Good manners will carry you where money can't go

Always remember to treat people nicely, and you'll be treated nicely too. Kindness and good manners only bring good.

3. Give reason to be admired

In other words, have good character. Be nice, help people, inspire them, lift others up. People will be drawn towards you and will trust you. Be a good example, a role model. 

4. Intelligence attracts

You should fall in love with knowledge. Be curious, be open minded. Always make sure to present your opinion during talks, and let people see how educated you are. Educate others and let others educate you. Knowledge enhances enjoyment.

5. All complaining does is kill time

Always remember that wasting your words with complaining too much doesn't do much. It just kills your time that could be used for something useful. Try to get rid of the bad habit.

6. Know your worth!

You're beautiful, you're capable. Repeat that. Learn how to believe that. Help others believe that. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident person. 

7. You are destined for great things

Most people are if they'd just realize and accept it. When you commit to this belief, it will radiate outward. Your actions will be affected, how people see you will be affected, and how you see yourself will be affected. If you believe you're capable of greatness, you'll aim for it. 

8. Take care of yourself!

Take care of every inch of your body and of your mental state. You are the center of your own world and you should always put yourself first. Fall in love with taking care of yourself. 

9. Practice positive thinking

Don't get absorbed in negative thoughts. Focus on the things that make you happy. Focus on the positive things around you. Live and spread positivity and good things will happen to you. 

10. Be proud

Being proud is not the same as being egotistic or snooty. No. Being proud means taking pride in everything you do, being satisfied with all the work you put into things knowing you've put in your best effort. Don't be afraid to acknowledge that. Praise your power.


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