How to start a business for beginner babes

Hello Princess!
Since most of you are young or still in school... I'm going to be giving you lovelies a few tips about starting a business! 
Know that it's okay to start small. 
I started my first business with $300 and a dream. You can too! With my brand, I started with just a few rings and stacked my money until I could buy more. It's okay to start small to ensure that you don't become overwhelmed. 
Celebrate ALL the wins, princess.
Get happy about each accomplishment. Why? Because you're so worth it. Sold a ring? Celebrate. Got your business all registered? Celebrate that too. 
Take care of your legalities. 
Your legalities are the foundation of your business. Make sure it's registered, and that you have a business bank account. Be sure that your creations are trademarked. Do all things to protect yourself in the future once your business is big and poppin'
Make time for what you want. If you're wanting success, that means you have to open space within your life to receive it. Take time to do your research and get educated on your industry or the business you're trying to start. Being a boss means like NO distractions.
Don't spend your money, princess! Save it.
Whatever you don't know, hire someone who does.
Find some people that you can trust to help you. It will get hard. You will get tired, and you will need support.
Hope this helps!

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