Hello, my loves! Everyone wants to feel like a million bucks but not everyone can afford it. Here are some tips and tricks I gathered that may help you. 😊

Get Instagram Nail Goals 💅🏼

Get your hair/nails/makeup done one in a while, it can make you feel 100 times more expensive. You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands. A good manicure, with or without a simple design is a must for a luxury look! Forget the chipped nail polish! Also, the nails should be very long. 


Natural and fresh makeup is key! Just a little bit of mascara, brow product and nude lipstick or lipgloss is enough. If you have any spots, of course, you can use a little bit of foundation or corrector.

Invest in a timeless high-end piece

Get one expensive thing. Buying one expensive thing means you could rock any outfit you wear if it's a designer bag you can wear it with anything and still look expensive. Good examples are the Chanel bags and Louis Vuitton. The accessories form your outfit and you can always tell if the bag is not well made, which makes the outfit look cheaper.

Jewelry! You can get expensive-looking jewelry at almost any online store such as your favorite - Palace Rings! 

Always have your hair done

That's not even a thing for fashion, but one for beauty. Messy hair is something I really hate. Even if you wear expensive clothes, but your hair is messy because you were too lazy to wash it, even the most expensive clothes would look cheap.

Good manners

Good manners and etiquette will often take people where money nor looks will take them! Act and behave like a lady. That never goes unnoticed. 

Stay educated

Clothes and accessories are not everything! The most expensive Rolex or a diamond ring won't cover the lack of knowledge. Your mind is a weapon. Keep it loaded!

Don't talk about money!

I know this is very ironic, considering the fact that I was talking about what looks expensive and what doesn't. 😵 The people who have good financial support never talk about money. They have their own ideas and never share them. That's one of the keys to success. Don't talk about your intentions. Show the results!

Thank you for reading! These are not very common tips so I hope you enjoyed. If you want similar posts, let me know by commenting below!

Talk to you later, xoxo

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