How to be your own idol

Hi Princess!

Today's blog post is all about how to become your own idol and how to really put your passions into gear and make it blossom into something you've always dreamed of. Although these steps may be tricky, you can still idolize yourself no matter what your passion is. As long as you are true to yourself, you should be your own idol and accomplish whatever you want. 

Set up your goals

What is it that you actually want to achieve? Maybe own your own business? Write a book? Achieve the grades you always wanted? Be a fashion designer? Once you have decided on the one thing that YOU want, invest in it. Set that as your biggest and largest aim and make little goals that you are going to fulfill along the way to complete it. These can be baby steps and they must be specific or else you will not feel as accomplished as you should. Once you have set these mini-goals, figure out dates you want to achieve them by. This will help in the process of you being the person you want to be and idolize while fulfilling the thing that you really want. 

Don't listen to what anybody says

I know that this is probably the hardest thing of all, but if you set goals that nobody thinks you will achieve - don't listen to them. Your anxiety may take over and you may feel so criticized and down at first but once you realize the true Queen/King you are, then nothing and nobody can stop you from achieving things! And trust me - they won't be laughing where you are exactly and where they thought you would never be. 

Feel proud of yourself

This is also a very tricky step for a lot of people, including myself. Your own self-esteem may put you down about what you will or already have achieved and make it seem like nothing. But what you have to do is step back and realize what you have done is incredible! For you to put so much effort into something, it's a shame to waste it and feel like it was pointless when you will or already have accomplished the extraordinary - remember the only way to idolize yourself is if you believe in the work you have done.

Push the boundaries and forget about fear

As scary as all of this may seem, the outcome of what you are doing will be the most amazing thing. For you to build something up and idolize yourself for it and make yourself maybe even an inspiration to younger generations and other people around the world. Your success will only be achieved if you put aside what you are scared of and push your limits. Get out of your comfort zone! One thing I never imagined myself doing is owning my own business because I was so afraid that my products would never sell, but look at me now, I LOVE IT! If I didn't push my boundaries I would never have found my passion. You can do it too! 

Although these aren't many tips, the main thing is to be true to yourself and look at who you are and what you have achieved. Be proud of what you're doing and who you are. Don't think about what everybody else thinks. It is truly your life to live. The world is your oyster and you may use it however you want - exchange your passions and turn them into your future!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post. If you have enjoyed please leave a comment, and maybe even check out my store! If you have anything you would like to talk about or have suggestions that would make my store better then please make sure to email me and let me know! Other than that I hope you enjoyed, thanks so much for reading and I hope that you're back to my store soon! 

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  • I loved this!! You are so inspirational!

    Andrea P

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