A promise ring from you to you πŸ’

A promise ring is a symbol of a promise one person makes to another... since these promises are being made to yourself, you decide what those promises are! πŸ’“

Example of promises:

πŸ’ Stop comparing yourself with others

πŸ’ Stop putting yourself down

πŸ’ Love yourself unconditionally

πŸ’ Stay focused on your goals

πŸ’ Realize your worth

πŸ’ Work on improving bad habits

πŸ’ Stop being judgemental of yourself/others

πŸ’ Start praying/pray more

πŸ’ Be true to yourself

πŸ’ Stay consistent with a journal

πŸ’ Take care of yourself

πŸ’ Stay positive

πŸ’ Send out good vibes only

πŸ’ Stay away from toxic people & drama

πŸ’ Make yourself proud

πŸ’ More gratefulnessΒ 

πŸ’ More honesty with yourself/others

Save your money & get a good quality ring because you deserve the best πŸ’— when you see the ring on your hand, it'll remind you to never forget the promises you made to yourself! Buying yourself a ring is a promise that self-love is better than any other love. ❀️
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