5 cute rings to give to your BFF

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Princesses deserve allllll the jewels. Don't know which ring would be her favorite? We put together five thoughtful gifts that your best friend will actually love to get for under $50. 

Birthstone Rings

What better way to show your bestie how much she means to you than with a birthstone ring for her birthday? It is the best way to express your friendship. Wearing your birth month is charming, thoughtful, and sentimental.

Check out our gorgeous birthstone collection with shimmering cubic zirconia stones that your friend is bound to love. The best part is it's in the form of a princess crown. Every princess deserves a crown. 👸

7 Rings

Having a hard time choosing something personal and thoughtful for your BFF? How about seven rings? No, we’re not talking about seven different style rings to give to her. We’re talking about seven ring pieces!

These rings were obviously inspired by the iconic, Ariana Grande. Yes, a true Queen indeed!

Take a look at 7 Rings Set. Seven of the same pieces that go with any outfit perfectly. Palace Rings will have you obsessed! They look best worn with our Butterfly ring.

Luxury Rings

If you have a friend who needs something really glamorous, get her this Aurora Ring. This is a lovely piece of jewelry with glistening cubic zirconia stones. It Is also an amazing option for girls who love subtle yet special jewelry. If you want to go the extra mile, get her the matching Aurora Earrings to sprinkle some extra glam to her look.

Heart Rings

Yes, heart rings are the sweetest gift to give! If your BFF loves old and classic styles, get her our best-selling Bae Ring. It's so pretty that we know your bestie will receive so many compliments when they put it on. Read our reviews!

If your friend is not a fan of classic jewelry, get her a mini chocolate bear instead. It may be a funny joke, but who cares? They're so adorable! 😊

Butterfly Rings

If your bestie loves delicate jewelry, get her a butterfly ring that she will cherish forever. If you don’t know where to find a good one, take a good look at this popular butterfly ring from our Butterfly collection. You can pick between gold & pink, all silver, or our personal favorite - pink & silver. 

Giving real spring and summer vibes. Even if her personal style isn't girly, she will absolutely adore this ring. Anyone can wear it because it's adjustable, now that's a win-win! 

When it comes to rings, a princess has a lot of options. Some are personalized, some are made just to make your BFF smile, and others are the perfect fit for your bestie's taste and style. In any case, your bestie is going to love whatever you choose. 💖

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